Tulips in Istanbul

April is the month of tulips here in Istanbul. Throughout the last week, tulips have been popping up left and right! There are millions planted across the city. They are along the sea side road to Besiktas, the tram tracks, and the highway. The most well known place to admire Istanbul’s prized flower, however, is in the larger city gardens .

I’ve been to Emirgan Park twice. While the displays are incredible, it is also very crowded and takes a long time to get there by bus. It’s a popular place for wedding pictures, so be sure to make a game out of it. If you decide to make haul yourself over there, bring some friends and a BBQ to fit in with all the Turkish families.

I decided to skip Emirgan this year and go to Gulhane Park instead. It’s much closer to where I live and less crowded. Unfortuntately, the majority of the displays were taped off. This really put a damper on the fun of photography. The back of the park also had large areas still waiting to be planted and there were plenty of tulip patches that hadn’t bloomed just yet. I’m sure in another week it will look more complete, but it was off to a beautiful start.

I think the bottom three pictures here are my favorites from today:DSC_0204DSC_0246DSC_0257

Have you been to Istanbul during tulip season? Where is your favorite spot to enjoy the awakening of spring?

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