“…Out Here in the World.”

I read the book “A Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost” in 2013. I was a second year teacher at the time struggling through an incurable case of wanderlust. I remember tagging page after page, nodding along to each passage that could have come straight out of my own journal. It resonated so deeply with the wave of emotions I experienced, and still experience, after returning home from my study abroad year in Austria. This book is a memoir of a young woman in university who decides to run off to Ireland for a summer, her unlikely friendships, adventures, and her change in perspective.

Of all the passages I tagged, I probably reread this one more than any of the others:

“All along I’ve thought the best way to keep out all the voices in my head directing my life this way and that was to stay busy, to distract my brain from itself, but it’s this profound silence that releases me from worry. Only a single strain of thought runs through my head like a simple melody: This is exactly where I want to be, out here in the world.” — Pg. 96 from “The Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost”

We are too often told how we should be living our lives. It’s important to recognize what we want and need for ourselves. For me, I want and need to travel. I know not everyone understands that, and that’s okay as long as they don’t try to hijack my car and take control of my journey.

Have you read any travel memoirs that hit close to home? Anything that should be on my list for my next holiday?

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