The Bug Incident

Journal Entry from 17 April 2016; Praslin, Seychelles

“There’s been an incident. An incident with a very large beetle or cockroach looking thing. He or she is quite large, moves incredibly fast, and was able to jump. I tried to hunt it but it kept on the move. It went from the night stand, to in between the mattress and headboard, to the opposite nightstand, jumped to the curtain, and has since tortured me with the thought of its presence in my bed while I sleep. I can’t find it, but even if I could, I couldn’t kill it.

So, I prayed. That might be a silly prayer to say, which I acknowledged in my prayer, but it’s not silly if it’s important to us, right? Well, it’s important to me that that monster comes no where near me while I’m sleeping. I don’t mind that lizard smaller than my pinky finger crawling about on the ground, but I am not Ok with mystery creatures on or near my bed. May the force field of God keep us apart… Seriously… Where is it? If I don’t make it through the night, I blame the bug…”

* * *

The next day, I asked the restaurant guy at the resort if Seychelles had giant beetles or cockroaches. He said yes and seemed very nonchalant about it. I asked if one of those nasty creatures meant that there were thousands in the bungalow. He assured me the bungalow had been treated, but I think if one scary giant can meander his way in, so can billions of others!

On my last night in Praslin, I spotted the beast once more in the other room. At least he wasn’t near the bed…

Back on Mahe near the beach, I saw what looked like the same bug. I could be wrong, but imagine this on your mattress:


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