The Oracle of Delphi

June 2016

I wasted no time entering vacation mode at the end of this school year, the end of my FIFTH year as a teacher. #Milestone. The night that school ended, I was on a flight to Athens.

Upon arriving at the airport and going through passport control, I caught the metro (airport price = 10 euros…yipes!) to Omonia where it was then just a short walk to the Best Western Phythagorion. The man at the front desk was very helpful, despite the late hour. He answered all my questions before I could even ask them.

The next morning, I snagged a quick breakfast before my tour to Delphi. I booked a tour because I had tried to catch the bus to Delphi years ago and just couldn’t manage. If you plan to go by bus on your own, I recommend using a taxi instead of the local buses to get to the main bus hub. If you’re going in a group, rent a car. The drive seemed easy and it would definitely be more cost efficient.

I thought the tour was a bit pricey (booking the way I did is definitely the cheapest), but it was really nice to be stress-free. Our guide was energetic, our lunch fantastic, and our tour more informative than I could have managed on my own.

I’ve seen a lot of ruins. I’ve been to a lot of museums. I always think going on my own is enough, but tours are almost always better because I LOVE learning, especially mythology, and you get where you are going faster. I’m just too cheap to do them more often, and I definitely couldn’t afford them when I was in college.

So, why did I want to visit Delphi? The setting. DSC_0160DSC_0255

It was believed this spot was the center of the universe.DSC_0268

People travelled long distances to have their fortune, however vague or two-sided, told by the Pythia, which people now believe was made possible through natural hallucinogenic gases found under the temple. DSC_0230

After our tour, we had some time to explore the ruins on our own. Then we had a tour of the museum before heading off to lunch, where we had this view:DSC_0310

We made a quick stop (really, WAY too quick) in Arachova:

When we got back to Athens, I got out by the entrance to the Acropolis and explored for a bit before returning to the hotel to collect my bag and catch my next flight:

Next stop: Santorini

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