Enter Hibernation Mode

Let me take you on a play-by-play of my weekends in the last month, beginning November 15:

Istanbul Marathon
Salzburg, Austria
Antalya, Turkey
Kiev, Ukraine
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Last year, I took ONE weekend trip to Bodrum with the other women from work, and I was EXHAUSTED afterwards. Other than our extended holidays, I never left Istanbul. That was in part due to settling in the first half of the year and taking my language courses the second half of the year. This year, I made it a goal to travel more. Getting away from my day-to-day surroundings helps me rejuvenate.

While I’m glad I have been able to escape the maddening yet irresistible chaos of Istanbul, and it has helped me have something to look forward to more often, I may have over done it lately. MAYBE one trip too many. A week ago I thought, “Only one more week till winter break? I could keep going.” I was wrong. I was sick and dragging the entire home stretch.

Yesterday, Friday the 16th, was our last day of school before winter break. After joining my colleagues at the pub for a celebratory “coke bomb”, followed by a liver dinner with two of my lovely Turkish friends, I settled in at home and thought, “I don’t have to get on a plane tonight… I don’t even have to get on a plane tomorrow…”

This weekend, I finally get to relax at home, wash my bed sheets, vacuum my apartment, sleep in past sunrise, and stay in my pajamas as long as I want. I now have the liberty to hibernate like a bear for three beautiful weeks.

I don’t know how people who aren’t teachers do it. Two to four weeks off per year? I may not make bank like other professions, but I’d rather have time off and feel human.

Cheers, fellow teachers! Let’s go make some Saturday morning pancakes.

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