A Splash in the Mud – Saklikent Gorge, Turkey

July 2015

At about 10am, I caught the bus from Kas to Saklikent. Again, if I was heading the other direction (from Fethiye) there would be a lot more options. The ride was a couple hours long and took us along a coastal road that was absolutely lovely before meandering more inland. When I arrived at Saklikent, I rented water shoes (3 TL), gave a lady my bag to watch, and headed into the gorge not knowing what exactly to expect. I took my little gym bag with me which held my phone for pictures (I didn’t want to destroy my Nikon if I fell in the water) and my towel. I want to say it cost 6 or 8 TL (MuzeKart not accepted), but I could be wrong. I’m sure it wasn’t over 10.


The path starts with a boardwalk much like the one I went on in Switzerland all those years ago, but that doesn’t last long! The thrashing waters of the gorge are ready for you right away! Take off your shorts and prepare to get wet. You have to hold onto a rope to cross the water at the beginning. I hope you have great balance!

wpid-20150701_140757.jpg wpid-wp-1438646218017.jpeg

At some points, the water was very deep and the current was strong. There are guides throughout the gorge, but they also want money from you at the end if you accept their help, so buyer beware. Because the water is full of clay, it isn’t clear, so it is very difficult to know where to step, but that’s part of the fun, right? We went as far as they would allow us to go before it requires you to swim, which I couldn’t do because of my bag. Beyond that point, I believe there are more waterfalls.


Here are some more pictures:

wpid-20150701_125918.jpg wpid-wp-1438646948007.jpeg wpid-wp-1438647386047.jpeg wpid-20150701_124407.jpg

Enjoying a mud mask with a couple of Scottish teenage girls who said they liked my accent.
Enjoying a mud mask with a couple of Scottish teenage girls who said they liked my accent.

When I arrived, I didn’t know if I would crash that night on a platform or in a treehouse or if I would carry on. After a lot of chilling by the water and talking to a man who was trying real hard to get me to stay (and would likely try real hard to get in my pants), I decided to embark towards Fethiye.


If you’re looking for more to do, there is also water tubing down this river. Looked like fun, but I didn’t do it. There are other sporty options as well. All in all, I’d recommend Saklikent. It was really nice to have a different type of day in nature.


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