Kas, Turkey

June 2015

When I was on the Blue Cruise, we stopped in Kas. This charming town had been on my to-do list, but unfortunately, we only had two hours to explore before getting back on the boat. I quickly wandered through town, found myself a couple rings, and then met Elisabeth and Alex for a tea. I decided that I would need to go back and I’m glad I did!


It’s definitely a tourist destination, popular for it’s snorkling, diving, and proximity to the Sunken City that I visited via kayak on my Blue Cruise, but I found its shops and streets inviting nonetheless. I’m glad I stayed two nights so that I had time to wander more streets. I didn’t get around to seeing all of the ancient ruins, but the reality is, I’ve seen plenty.


I had come via boat from Ucagiz. When I arrived, a young man told me that the captain had said I needed a ride to his pansiyon. I told him that I had not made a reservation anywhere yet, but that I had a place in mind. He offered to give me a ride to that place. I looked at his motorbike. “No, it’s okay. It’s not far. I’ll walk. Thank you, though.”

wpid-wp-1438611353225.jpegI stayed in the basement dorm of the Ani Pansiyon. It was 30 TL per night with breakfast included. The view from the terrace was incredible, especially at night. The basement smelled pretty moldy, but I figured I wasn’t going to die from two nights there.

I met two male travelers about my age also staying in the dorm. One, Alex, had actually been on the same bus to Ucagiz with me. He recognized me right away. The other guy was Japanese, so please forgive me for not remembering his name. He was very nice, though, and a pleasure to spend time with! He and I went shopping around town together the next day while Alex went snorkling. We looked at jewelry, glass, leather, and all sorts of beautiful things. What I found most charming was the way he commented on dresses. He always said that he loved a woman in a “one-piece” because it looks so feminine.


These cats are common in Eastern Turkey, having one blue eye and one green eye.
These cats are common in Eastern Turkey, having one blue eye and one green eye.

image  Patchwork Carpet

Following our shopping, we went to the Little Pebble Beach. The water was perfect. We set up under an umbrella and enjoyed several hours there going between the water and the lounge chairs.


That evening, I taught the boys how to play tavla (backgammon as known by my fellow Americans). It’s basically the national past time of Turkey. I had never learned how to play till I moved to Istanbul. We found a cozy place to play and sip on apple tea. Here’s a neat picture of a nargile (water pipe) at that place that I snapped that night:


The next day, I left for Saklikent. I had no plan in place. I didn’t know where I would stay that night, but I figured I would manage.


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