My Life Through Their Words

When I post something on Facebook about an experience I’ve had in Turkey, my dad will often reply, “add a couple more sentences and some pictures and that would have made a very interesting blog post.” We all know I’m terrible at blogging, so my brother suggested that I re-blog some of the articles I find about life in Turkey.

Sometimes I laugh SO hard because I can relate to the comments made by other expats. On occasion, I read something and think, “Oh my goodness! Yes! I didn’t even realize that!”

So, before I make a list of my own, here are some of the words, videos, and pictures from other people that I have come across and earmarked during my time in Istanbul:

Moving to Turkey:

When I first found out that I would be moving here, I found a blog that has inspired some of my travel plans. Check out Ottsworld.

If you have no idea why people are so eager to live here and travel here, take a look at these pictures. I think you’d have to work pretty hard not to love it here. Save your energy.

Learning the Language:

Going the the salon has become a regular part of my life. I blame Kara for that. “Pay Day Ice Cream” was replaced with “Pay Day Treat-Yo-Self” at Baby Face. I need to actually learn these phrases.

There are many charming Turkish expressions that I’ve come across, but this list is a pretty good start for those of you planning to visit me.


Turkish Breakfast is the greatest thing on this planet. If done properly with a good group of friends or family, breakfast should take you hours. Plan to start munching around 10:30am. It’s more like brunch. If you arrive any later than that, the Turks will wake up and you don’t stand a chance getting a seat.

Then there’s the street food

You have to try it all… Other than a pile of onions, I’ve never had a meal I don’t enjoy here.


Turkish & Yabanci (Foreigner) relationships (of all kinds) can be tricky. I’ve had my fair share of hilarious and shocking interactions with Turkish men. Being a foreign woman basically means you’re easy to get in bed with. Compared to the more traditional, conservative women in Turkey, that’s absolutely true. So scenarios like this hilarious video are not all that uncommon with a man whose English isn’t quite up to par yet.

“Are you cola? Are you disco? Are you sex?” This is a joke in Turkey, but at the same time, men have actually said this to me. Hilarious, and yet so not…

That said, I promise you not all Turkish men are pigs as their reputation states.

Through the Eyes of Other Expats:

74 Lesson from 5 Years in Turkey

30 Quirky Things About Turkey

So, there you have it, Big Brother. My first re-blog of sorts. 🙂

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  1. Ms..Qualls it’s amazing to hear your stories about move to diffrent countries when I’m talking to people from Austria and Northern Ireland. I say always keep posting and you need to email me back so. From the USA with love.


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