Kebab Street and Shisha Avenue

2014-08-15 20.31.16

Merhaba! Selam! Greetings from Istanbul!

While I have wonderful, detailed journal entries and kept my Facebook loaded with posts, I never gave much thought to creating a blog when I studied abroad a few years back. Since my new adventure as a teacher in Istanbul is bound to be a thrill, and I will certainly have my embarrassing moments as I learn the language, I’ve decided to give blogging a go.

So, why “Adventures on Kebab Street”?


Us new kids on the block can’t pronounce the street names and neighborhoods in Istanbul yet. Therefore, we’ve given everything a nickname based on what we visually recognize. Andy, a fellow teacher from England gets credit for Kebab Street, while Hina from Scotland gets credit for Shisha Avenue.

Our bus for work picks us up in Taksim Square. One of the streets that dumps into Taksim Square has a corner LOADED with Döner Kebab stands. When you take “Kebab Street” down the hill, you’ll find where many of us have chosen to live.

As we are all new to our environment, we’re still settling in and just beginning to explore. I look forward to sharing my new home with you!

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  1. Heeeeey i figured out how to post comments!!!! Exciting moment!!! Dude Turkey sounds amazing! I like the names for the streets :))))


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